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What Is Net Zero

What Is Net Zero

A true Net Zero (NZ) home is one that can produce as much energy as it uses. This is done through a combination of high performance wall assemblies, energy efficient mechanical systems and site produced electricity. Typically this is done with solar panels.

A Net Zero Ready (NZR) home is one that meets all of the above requirements but does not have the power source installed.

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Why Build A Net Zero Home?

With today’s concerns about the environment and climate change, it is becoming more and more important for us all to do our part. There is a movement amongst Canada’s leading home builders to provide homes that are both good for the customer and the climate. The Government has mandated that all new homes shall be built to a Net Zero Ready/or Step 5 standard by 2032, so building your home to this standard now will  ensure that your home is relevant in the future. 

One of the most common questions around this issue is “How much more will it cost and what is the pay-back period?” This is not actually the question to ask. There are so many variables involved, a hard and fast answer is not possible. There are significant savings over the long run, however, this will vary depending on owner usage and current energy costs.

The real question should be “What are the benefits of living in a home of this type?” The immediate benefits that are experienced by living in a NZ/NZR home include an unsurpassed comfort level not typically experienced and a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family. There is also the knowledge that you are doing your part to help our planet.

Icon Homes Net Zero.

Icon Homes Net Zero.

Icon Homes is extremely proud that we are currently one of four builders in Northern B.C. that are certified through CHBA as Net Zero builders. We are committed to continuously educating ourselves on high performance building in order to provide the most effective and cost-friendly projects to our customers.

Our first NZR home was the seventh to be certified through CHBA’s Net Zero Program in all of B.C., illustrating our leadership in this area. 

We are currently completing our third NZ ready home.

We would love to work with you if you are interested in pursuing the dream of living in a Net Zero home. If this is indeed your goal, it is essential to contact us prior to starting the design. This will ensure that we can help you create the most efficient and cost effective path to your dream home. Integrated design is necessary to ensure that all of the various partners involved in building your home are working together to create the desired end product.

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